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Accounts and Synchronization

How do I create a resource?

Microsoft's answer is as follows:

Schedule+ makes it easy to set up shared resources, such as conference rooms and audio/visual equipment, so that they can be reserved over Schedule+. The network administrator creates an account for the resource using the Mail Administrators program (ADMIN.EXE).
[This is the administrators program of the 'full' version of MS Mail. However, you can also make use of 'resources' if you have a WorkGroup PostOffice. In that case use the icon in the 'Control panel' to make a new mailbox/account on the WGPO. -- Remark CB]
Then he or she logs into Schedule+ under that account, and selects the 'This Account Is for a Resource' check box in the 'General Options'-dialog box (accessed by choosing [General Options] from the [Options]-menu).
This automatically changes the default access privilege to 'Create Appts and Tasks'. That means that people can book the resource by selecting it from the Address Book while they select attendees for a meeting. You can also choose the 'Open Others Appt Book'-option from the [File]-menu to look at the calendar for the resource and book time in it directly.
It is also possible to assign an assistant to a resource and alter the default privilege to 'View Free and Busy Times' if the administrator wants somebody to be in control of allocating the resource.

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I keep getting a message about how my schedule was synchronized with a different shared schedule, but no matter how many times I synchronize, it doesn't go away. What can I do?

  1. Export everything using [File] [Export] [Schedule+ Interchange] into a temporary file.
  2. Exit Schedule+.
  3. Hold down Shift and Control while running Schedule+ again; this will delete everything in your schedule (it will ask for confirmation first).
  4. Import the saved schedule using [File] [Import] [Schedule+ Interchange].
  5. You can now delete the temporary file.

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How do I merge several Schedule+ calendars into one?

Various other calendar programs have the ability to merge individual's calendars into a single calendar, Schedule+ doesn't have this feature as such. You can use the Planner to get the same info; just right-click on any bar and you can view all the appointments represented by that bar (the amount of detail depends on the permissions).

You can do something like this using 'OLE Automation', from Visual Basic or from MS Access. Several articles on this subject are avalable on Microsofts' website, which I linked to.

The program TheEyeOfSchedule (TEOS) claims to be able to show you multiple calendars, limited only by available memory, in various views. I have not tested it; the download is 4.6MB.
The available test-version apparently only works until January 1st 2000.
Mr. Lund, the developer of this program, told me this program is no longer supported. However, at the time the planning was that a new version for Outlook would become available in spring 2001.

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How do I troubleshoot the synchonization of Schedule+ with a PostOffice?

A good description of the procedure you should follow, is described in the KB-article 'XCLN: Troubleshooting Schedule Synchronization in Schedule+ [Q170605].
In this text are refences to the following articles:

Q164421 Behavior of Schedule+ 7.0 Synchronize on Exit
Q149986 Creating a .SCD File for an Existing Profile
Q163634 Can't Synchronize Microsoft Schedule+ File if Offline
Q165961 How to completely remove the WIN95 and NT Exchange client
Q235713 How to Reinstall Microsoft Fax and Windows Messaging
Q150612 Deleting the Schedule+ Data From the Exchange Server
Q153937 Creating an .SCD After Schedule+ Configured for no .SCD
Q145706 New Local Schedule+ Files Do Not Synchronize with Server
Q146774 New Profile & SCD File Resets Default Access Permission
Q146074 Restored Schedule+ File Not Synchronized w/ Server File

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MS Schedule+: Group Scheduling Interoperability Notes

A document (Word95-format) about the synchronization and interoperability between Schedule+ and various E-mail-systems (MS Mail, cc:Mail, etc.)

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How do I synchonize Schedule+ with my Sharp, Palm, PSION, PocketPC, PDA, organizer, etc.?

First of all, I don't have any of these devices, so I can't test anything, nor give any first hand information.
Given this situation, I try to pass on the information I get from other people and that I find on the Internet.

- Schedule+' own options (Sharp)

The various versions of Schedule+ have different import/export-options for some organizers.

- PsiWin v.2.x (PSION)

PSION developed a program called 'PsiWin v. 2.3', which seems to be able to make their organisers exchange data with all Schedule+ v.7.x-versions; although they only mention v.7.0 and v.7.0a, a colleague of mine got a PSION 'Revo' to sync with Schedule+ v.7.5 by using an earlier version of this software (v.2.1, which does not seem to be available from their website anymore) .
You should probably search the website for the most recent update.
Any Psion-owner can download the program for free.

For those people that have Outlook98/2000 AND MS Exchange Server v.5.5 or 2000 AND use Schedule+ as their primary calender 'Symmetry' can be a usefull program. (This may seem as quite limitting to the audience for this program, but in corporate environments a combination of recent versions of Outlook and Exchange Server are very common.)
It supposedly can work with the following apparatus: Cassiopeia EM500, Compaq iPAQ 31 36 3700 Series, HP Jornada 520/540 Series. And requires an Email connection from/to your PDA.

- ActiveSync v.3.x (Pocket PC)

While developing an initiative to move to the handheld-market, Microsoft realised that they would have to make some software to synchronize these devices with their own MS Office-products. For PocketPC's they wrote a program called ActiveSync.
Until version 3.1 ActiveSync supports synchronization with Schedule+. The latest version (v.3.5), however, appears to lack this feature. As the website doesn't mention Schedule+ as being supported by the program. And several users have told me that after an upgrade of ActiveSync v.3.1 to 3.5, they lost the ability to synchronize their HP Jornada PocketPC, which worked fine before. Returning to version 3.1 solved the problem.
In this case it is certainly not wise to upgrade to the latest version too easily.
At the moment 3 versions of ActiveSync are available on the Microsoft WindowsMobile-website:

Recently I received a description from Mr. Jean marc van Belle, on how to get an Acer N10 and Schedule+ to synchronize by using ActiveSync. He wrote:
  1. Acer N10 comes with ActiveSync v.3.5 and Outlook2000 for the PC (workstation) and Windows CE on the handheld/PDA.
  2. Install ActiveSync v.3.1 on the workstation instead. Then configure CALENDAR/TO DO LIST/CONTACT PERSONS individually to synchronize with the PDA. It is possible you have to upgrade to Schedule+ 7.0a. Myself I upgraded the product to v.7.5 (eg. from Small Business Server 4.0 CD's), if the program would ask to work in GROUP MODUS, answer 'NO'.
  3. Install ActiveSync v.3.5 again (upgrade), to enable all USB-cable connections and to have extra possibilities (eg. synchr. with folder INCOMING POST in Outlook version 200X).
  4. Ready, freddy, go!

- IntelliSync v.4.0 (Palm, WinCE, PocketPC, Symbian)

A (commercial) program that may be very usefull, is IntelliSync by PumaTech. According to the description, it can synchronize both Outlook (up to OL2002/XP), and our much beloved Schedule+ (v.7.5) with any handheld computer, that is driven by either PalmOS, WindowsCE, PocketPC, or Symbian release 5.
Intellisync for Palm Computing/Windows CE 3.7 (apparently a different product) should be able to sychronize your handheld with Schedule+ v.7.0a and b.
Lists of supported handhelds and other PIM's/programs are on this webpage. A nice feature of the program is that you can select not to synchronize certain data, such as appointments in the past, Email messages over a certain size, etc.
An evaluation version can be downloaded for free.

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