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XCLN: Behavior of Schedule+ 7.0 Synchronize on Exit [Q164421]

PSS ID Number: Q164421
Article last modified on 09-10-1999

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Schedule+, version 7.0

This article describes one criteria that Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 uses to determine whether or not to synchronize your local schedule file with the schedule file on the network when you exit Microsoft Schedule+.

MORE INFORMATION Microsoft Schedule+ will only synchronize on exit if the time interval you specified in the "Synchronize Every n Minutes" has expired.
For example, if you set this interval to five minutes, start and then exit Microsoft Schedule+ before five minutes has elapsed, the schedules are not synchronized. In contrast, if you leave Microsoft Schedule+ open for five minutes or longer, the schedules will be synchronized.
This is done to optimize the Schedule+ process of logging on and off of the mail system. If you need to synchronize your schedule before the elapsed time, click the [Synchronize Now]-button on the [Synchronize]-tab in the [Options]-dialog box ([Tools]-menu).

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