Last updated January 23, 2001

XCLN: Restored Schedule+ File Not Synchronized w/ Server File [Q146074]

PSS ID Number: Q146074
Article last modified on 09-10-1999

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Schedule+, version 7.0

If you are a 'Delegate Owner' and you restore the backup copy of another user's Microsoft Schedule+ file, the local file is not synchronized with the file on the Microsoft Exchange server.

Normally, when you log on to Microsoft Schedule+, the local file is synchronized with the server file. If you restore another user's file from the server, the link between the user's local copy and the server copy is broken and synchronization is disabled.

To correct this problem, force synchronization using the following steps:

  1. On the [Tools]-menu, click [Options], and then click the [Synchronize]-tab.
  2. Click [Synchronize Now].
  3. Click [OK].

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