Last updated December 28, 2003

Translators Available in Schedule+ [Q147358]

The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows 7.0
Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows NT 7.0
Microsoft Exchange MS-DOS client 4.0

This article was previously published under Q147358

Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows, version 7.0, uses translators provided by IntelliLink Corporation to exchange data with other systems or applications.

Microsoft Schedule+ ships with translators that will Export data to handheld computers or applications including: HP 95LX, HP 95LX Local Files, Sharp 5000/7400 series, Sharp 5500, Sharp 6500/9000 series, Sharp 7600 series, Sharp 8000/8200 series, and Sharp 8600/YO-600 Series.

Microsoft Schedule+, as shipped with Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange client for Windows NT also ships with translators that will Import data from the handheld computers listed above and from the following applications: ACT! for Windows 1.1 and 1.2, ECCO, Lotus Organizer 1.0/1.1, PackRat 4.1+, and Windows Cardfile/Calendar. These translators were not included with released versions of Office for Windows95.

The Help Files included with Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 and Office 7.0x offer information regarding these translators even though they are not included with these products.

For information about ordering additional translators from Intellilink Corporation, please call (603) 888-0666.

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