Last updated January 23, 2001

XCLN: Creating an .SCD After Schedule+ Configured for no .SCD [Q153937]

PSS ID Number: Q153937
Article last modified on 10-25-2000

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Schedule+, version 7.0

When you start Microsoft Schedule+ for the first time, you may choose not to create a local schedule file ('.SCD'-file). This article describes how to subsequently create a local off-line schedule file.

When you start Schedule+ for the first time, you'll see a 'Welcome'-screen that gives you the following options for configuring an off-line Schedule file:

If you choose not to use a schedule file, you will not be presented with this dialog box again, unless you re-install Schedule+.

To create a new off-line '.SCD'-file or use an existing '.SCD'-file, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Schedule+ client.
  2. On the [Tools]-menu, click [Options].
  3. In the 'Options'-dialog box, click the [Synchronize]-tab.
  4. Click to select the "Work primarily from local file"-check box.
This will cause Schedule+ to use a local '.SCD'-file. You will have the opportunity to create a new '.SCD'-file or choose an existing '.SCD'-file to use for a local schedule file.

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