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How can I change the way Schedule+ printouts look?

Microsoft's web site says:

There are no printing customization capabilities built into Schedule+. However, you can export your appointments from Schedule+ in text format, and use a standard text editor to customize the information.

Not surprisingly, this is a lie. In fact, you can modify the .PRT files that appear in your Schedule+ folder. Take a look at them; they're just plain ASCII-text.
However, you wouldn't want to try go make changes casually.

For an example, though, here's a change to make Schedule+ print in 15-minute intervals, which was posted by Bradley Batt (

Start out with one of the Daily .PRT files (Day1.PRT is the dynamic one and Day2.PRT is the fixed one). Copy one of these to Day3.PRT (or something else.PRT - it doesn't matter). Change the VIEW command at the top to reflect a new title (in quotes). Then proceed down to the Timeframe and Schedule Box section. In the following code,

    OBJECT ,SCHEDULE,80,194,695,978
    STYLES styApptText, styApptTime, styHeading
the 2nd parameter on the 'OPTIONS' line (30) is the time interval which Schedule+ uses to print -- if you change this to 15 it will print in 15 minute time-intervals.  Note that you will have to use the Small font setting or else the print will be too big and will be suppressed by Schedule+.

That should give you an idea for for the degree of difficulty.
The complete guide to the changes (the 'Schedule+ Printing Model') is available on-line. It's also in the appendix of the Schedule+ Software Development Kit in the MSDN or TechNet CD's in the 'Exchange Product Documentation'-section.

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Schedule+ gives me an error when I try to print about missing .fmt files.   How can I fix that?

In a few cases, this message means just what it says: the .fmt files are missing, and must either be put back into the Schedule+ folder, or installed in the first place, like MS describes in KB-article Q148913

More often, the files are right where they should be, but even a re-install doesn't help.  Some people have reported success when they manually hack the registry key

to the path where their .fmt and .prt files are located (or where they copied them from their Windows/Office CD). 
'LocalPrintFileDir' should be of type 'REG_SZ'.
Of course, back up your registry before going at it with RegEdit, and be sure Schedule+ isn't running when you do this.

If you're using a 64-bit Windows version (for instance Windows Vista or 7), the actual registry key is located at a different location:
If you try this and it still doesn't work, let me know if you find something that does.

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Error-message: "The print operation could not be completed. The specified directory name is not valid."

This error-message is addressed in KB-article Q166986.

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