Last updated January 26, 2002

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Schedule+ Printing Model

This section describes the Schedule+ printing model. This model allows you to design complex page layouts representing different views of the schedule data in a simple text file.


The Schedule+ printing model formats printed information using different page sizes and formats. The application contains a print engine that can find print layouts and page formats in a directory and parse them at run time. Both the layout and the format are described by text files that have an extension of .PRT for the layout and .FMT for the format.

The layout specifies how items such as appointments, tasks, and calendars are laid out on a page. The format defines the size of the physical page, the number of virtual pages on a physical page, and so on. The user interface lets you use a list box to select a format and a layout. Examples of formats are Daily and Trifold; examples of layouts are Normal and Avery.


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