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OL98: How to Open an Outlook User's Calendar from Schedule+ [Q190665]

PSS ID Number: Q190665
Article last modified on 12-07-1999

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Outlook 98

This article describes a special driver that allows you to open a Microsoft Outlook 98 user's calendar file from Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x.

A Schedule+ user who wants to open an Outlook user's calendar must download and install a special driver. After installing the driver, the Schedule+ user can open an Outlook user's calendar. The Schedule+ user must have Read permission for the Outlook user's calendar, and that calendar must be stored on the Microsoft Exchange Server. The Schedule+ user can only read the Outlook user's Calendar, and not add to or edit it, regardless of the permissions granted by the Outlook user.

This driver works only on 32-bit versions of Microsoft Schedule+ 7.x (for Windows 95 and Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0). It does not work with the 16-bit version of Schedule+ 7.x (for Windows 3.1 and 3.11).

The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. Click the file name below to download the file: Msoutl.exe

Release Date: July 1998

For more information about how to download files from the Microsoft Download Center, please visit the Download Center at the following Web address
Q170061 Readme.txt for Msoutl32.dll
and then click "How to use the Microsoft Download Center".

For more information on installing and using this special driver, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q170061 Readme.txt for Msoutl32.dll

To Assign Read Permissions to the Outlook Calendar
1. In Outlook, right-click the Calendar folder and click Properties, on the shortcut menu.
2. On the Permissions tab, click Add to add the user to whom you want to assign permissions, or click Default to assign permissions to all users.
3. In the Permissions area, click to select Read Items, and click OK.

To Open an Outlook User's Calendar from Schedule+
1. In Schedule+, point to Open on the File menu, and click Other's Appointment Book.
2. In the address list, click to select the user whose calendar you want to open.

Known Issues
- All-day events in Outlook appear as appointments when viewed in Schedule+ 7.x, using the Outlook driver for Schedule+ 7.x.
- If you reinstall Schedule+ 7.x, you will also need to reinstall the driver.
- An Outlook user might share his or her Outlook Calendar with other users, and then switch to using Schedule+ 7.x as the primary calendar. In this case, Schedule+ 7.x users who are using the Outlook driver for Schedule+ 7.x, to open that user's calendar will continue to open that user's Outlook calendar instead of that user's Schedule+ 7.x calendar. To resolve this issue, the Outlook user needs to remove the permissions on his or her Outlook Calendar folder so that the Outlook driver for Schedule+ 7.x will not open it.
- Outlook appointments with more than 32 kilobytes (KB) of text in the Notes field will appear to have a blank Notes field when viewed in Schedule+ 7.x, using the Outlook driver for Schedule+ 7.x.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1999.

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