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HOW TO: Import a Schedule+ 7.X SCD or Schedule+ 1.0 CAL File to a Personal Folder in Outlook 2002 [Q309261]

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- Microsoft Outlook 2002

This article describes how to import a Microsoft Schedule+ 7.X SCD file or a Schedule+ 1.0 CAL file to a personal folder in Outlook 2002. You cannot keep Schedule+ as your primary calendar while you are using Outlook 2002 for mail and other functions; to upgrade to Outlook 2002 from Schedule+, you must install Outlook 2002, and then import the Schedule+ data file.

Importing a Schedule+ 7.x SCD or Schedule+ 1.0 CAL File
By default, Outlook imports Schedule+ information into the following Outlook folders:

The Schedule+ data file is not modified or deleted during the import process. You can use the [Import and Export]-command on the [File]-menu to import Schedule-files at any time after Outlook is installed.

To import a Schedule+ 7.x SCD file or a Schedule+ 1.0 CAL file:

  1. In Outlook, click [Import and Export] on the [File]-menu, and then click [Import from another program or file].
  2. In the 'Select file type to import from' box, click either 'Schedule+ 7.x' or 'Schedule+ 1.0', as applicable.
  3. In the 'File to import'-box, type the '.SCD'- or '.CAL'-file name, or click [Browse] to find the file. This dialog box also includes several options for dealing with entries in the data file that duplicate entries you already have in your Outlook Calendar-, Contacts-, or Tasks-folders.
    To deal with duplicate entries in your Outlook folder and Schedule+ entries, use one of the following methods:
  4. If you are prompted to supply a password, type the password for the schedule file.
  5. In 'The following actions will be performed'-box, select the items that you want to import and the destination folders for those items. To change the destination folder for an item type, click 'Change Destination'. To alter the way that Schedule+ fields are imported into Outlook, click [Map Custom Fields].

The 'Covey Seven Habits tool' in Schedule+ 7.x is not included in Outlook. In addition, Outlook does not recognize Automation (formerly OLE Automation) interfaces in Schedule+ 7.x, because the Outlook object model is very different.

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