Last updated December 13, 2003

OL2002: You Cannot Select Schedule+ As the Primary Calendar for Outlook [Q293651]

Last Reviewed: 5/26/2001 (1.0)

The information in this article applies to:
Microsoft Outlook 2002

When you work with Outlook 2002, there is not an option to select Microsoft Schedule+ as the primary calendar.

Outlook 2002 does not support Schedule+ as a primary calendar. Features such as direct booking, labels, unified reminders, appointment coloring, and Group Scheduling have been incorporated into the Calendar functions of Outlook 2002. When you install Outlook 2002, you receive a prompt to import your Schedule+ data into the Outlook Calendar.

You can still use Schedule+ as a standalone program, and the following Schedule+ functionality is supported in Outlook 2002:

  1. Open Schedule+ user calendar.
  2. Direct booking of a Schedule+ user calendar.
  3. Import from Schedule Plus Interchange (.sc2) or Schedule+ 1.0 or 7.x files (.scd or .cal, respectively).
  4. Migration from Schedule+ to Outlook.

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