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XCLN: Schedule+ User Calendar Opens Blank Outlook Calendar [Q251388]

PSS ID Number: Q251388
Article last modified on 02-08-2000

MACINTOSH:8.0; WINDOWS:2000,7.0a,7.5,97,98


The information in this article applies to:

- Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh, Exchange Server Edition, version 8.0
- Microsoft Schedule+, versions 7.0a, 7.5
- Microsoft Outlook, versions 2000, 97, 98

If you try to open a Microsoft Schedule+ user's calendar by clicking [Open] on the [File]-menu, and then clicking [Other User's Folder], a blank Microsoft Outlook calendar may be displayed instead.

For example, if user A is a Schedule+ user and user B is an Outlook user, when user B clicks Open on the File menu, clicks Other User's Folder, and then clicks the user A Calendar folder, the user A calendar isn't displayed as a Schedule+ calendar as expected. Instead, the User A calendar is displayed as an Outlook calendar and is blank.

The Schedule+ user's mailbox has been accessed by using Outlook. This creates an Outlook Calendar folder, which is displayed as the Schedule+ user's calendar.

To resolve this issue:
1. Log on as the Schedule+ user, and then start the Microsoft Exchange Client version 5.0.
2. Delete the Calendar folder.
3. Log on as an Outlook personal computer user, and then open the Schedule+ calendar. The Schedule+ calendar is displayed.

If the Schedule+ user migrates to Outlook, that user should start Outlook the first time by using the '/resetfolders' command line switch.

For additional information about other command-line switches, click the article number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q182112 OL98: Additional Command-Line Switches

Version : MACINTOSH:8.0; WINDOWS:2000,7.0a,7.5,97,98

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 2000.

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