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OL2000: Using Schedule+ as the Primary Calendar [Q195813]

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The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Outlook 2000

In Microsoft Outlook 2000, you can substitute Microsoft Schedule+ 95 for the Outlook calendar function. This article discusses the conditions under which this is desirable.

In a mixed environment consisting of Outlook and Schedule+ 95 or Schedule+ 1.0 users, all users can exchange meeting request messages and share free or busy status with each other. However, many Outlook capabilities go beyond those of Schedule+. Outlook users should be aware that their coworkers who are still using Schedule+ may not be able to view or use some of the messaging or calendar information the same way another Outlook user can.

NOTE: Users in this scenario must be using either Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Mail. In some larger enterprises, users of both mail types may be encountered with connector routing for e-mail and Schedule + information.

Although Outlook and Schedule+ 1.0 offer a high level of interoperability for basic calendar and group scheduling functions, the differences can affect levels of access to others' calendars. Using the option to "Use Microsoft Schedule+ as my primary calendar" is one method of allowing a group of users to modify each others' schedules seamlessly. Continuing to use Schedule+ for calendar functions during the transition period ensures the retention of the same level of interoperability that existed before the upgrade to Outlook.

To Use Schedule+ as Your Primary Calendar
To use Schedule+ as the primary calendar, follow these steps:
1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. On the Preferences tab, click Calendar options.
3. Click to select "Use Microsoft Schedule+ as my primary calendar."
4. Click OK twice to exit.

Enabling this option adds a button for starting Schedule+ 95 to the Outlook toolbar. The Outlook calendar is no longer used.

NOTE: The option to use Schedule+ 95 for the primary calendar is only available if Schedule+ 95 is installed and working on the computer before you install Outlook. The Outlook Setup program does not install enough of the Schedule+ 95 files to enable its operation, so this option will be dimmed.

Version : WINDOWS:2000
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