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OL97: Troubleshooting Schedule Plus Import Problems [Q162990]

PSS ID Number: Q162990
Article last modified on 03-15-2000


The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Outlook 97
- Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows, versions 1.0, 2.0, 7.0

This article describes how you can troubleshoot problems when trying to import your Microsoft Schedule Plus, version 1.0, 2.0, or 7.0, files into Microsoft Outlook 97. When importing Schedule Plus items into Outlook, you may see the progress bar stop without displaying any error, your system may stop responding, or you may receive a specific error, such as:

OLE error occurred in the Schedule Plus sam translator while trying to attach to a translator.

To import a Microsoft Schedule Plus file, you must have the program that was used to create the file installed on your computer. With some configurations, Outlook and Schedule Plus must reside on the same drive for the translator files to work properly.

Refreshing the Entire Schedule Plus Calendar File
If the Outlook Import And Export Wizard fails to import your Schedule Plus SCD file or imports only a portion of the file, the calendar file may be damaged.

Follow these steps to export your Schedule Plus calendar date, appointments, to do list, contact list, and events:
1. On the Schedule Plus File menu, point to Export, and then click Schedule+ Interchange to open the Export Schedule+ Interchange dialog box.
2. In the File Name box, type a name for the destination file. The file name should end with a SC2 extension.
3. Under Export, click to select the Schedule Plus item you want to export. The default is to export all items.

Follow these steps to create a new, empty calendar file:
1. Quit Schedule Plus if it is running.
2. Rename all files on your computer that have a SCD extension (CAL extension for Schedule Plus, version 1.0), giving them a new extension. This will mask these calendar files from Schedule Plus.
3. Start Schedule Plus. When prompted, click "I want to create a new schedule file."

Follow these steps to import your original Schedule Plus items into a new schedule file:
1. On the Schedule Plus File menu, point to Import, and then click Schedule+ Interchange.
2. In the Import Schedule+ Interchange dialog box, select your SC2 file and click OK to import.

Refreshing a Portion of the Schedule Plus Calendar File
If the steps for refreshing the Schedule Plus Calendar File fail, and you suspect that a particular calendar item is causing the problem, you can export and create a new SCD or CAL file containing only one item. If that SCD or CAL file imports into Outlook, try creating a new SCD or CAL file with the next Schedule Plus Calendar item and import into Outlook. This procedure requires the creation of a different SC2 file for each Calendar item, the creation of a new SCD or CAL file for each Calendar item, and the importing of each SCD or CAL file into Outlook. In this manner, you can isolate the offending part of your Schedule Plus file.

IntelliPoint Mouse Drivers
If you have the Microsoft IntelliPoint, version 2.0, mouse drivers installed on the system that you are using with Outlook, try removing the drivers before you try to import Schedule Plus files. Quit all programs and in Control Panel, use the Add/Remove Programs icon to remove the IntelliPoint 2.0 files. Restart your computer and try to import again. If the import is successful, you can reinstall the IntelliPoint files from you original setup disk.

Outlook Errors
If the Outlook Import And Export Wizard results in a specific error, you should troubleshoot the error. Corrupted or outdated dynamic-link library files may result in Invalid Page Faults or Fatal Exception errors when importing Schedule Plus files. You should rename the Outllb.dll file and reinstall Outlook using the Reinstall option of Maintenance Mode Setup.

Version : WINDOWS:97
Platform : WINDOWS

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