Last updated December 13, 2003

How to Display a '&' Character in a Schedule+ Tab Title [Q146047]

PSS ID Number: Q146047
Article last modified on 04-13-2000

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft Office for Windows, version 7.0
- Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows, version 7.0

If you modify a tab title in Microsoft Schedule+ for Windows and enter the character '&', it will not be displayed in the tab title. To display the '&'-character within a tab title, you must enter two '&' characters.
This is by product design.

To display the '&'-character in the Daily tab title, follow these steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Schedule+.
  2. Open the [View]-menu and click [Tab Gallery].
  3. In the 'Show These Tabs'-listbox, select 'Daily'.
  4. In the 'Tab Title'-text box, enter 'Daily && Hourly'.
  5. Click [OK].
Now when you view the tabs at the left edge of the Microsoft Schedule+ window, the top tab will be labeled 'Daily & Hourly'.

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