Last updated September 18, 2005

Address Books

Can I move addresses from Exchange's address book into Schedule+'s Contact list?

Yes. Download (730 kB) for Windows9x or (8 kB) for Windows NT.
The main difference between these 2 files seems to be, that the Windows9x-version contains 'Msvcrt20.dll', 'Msvcrt40.dll' and 'Vb40032.dll', whereas the NT-version does not. These files are often already installed on your computer by other programs, so the small file should mosttimes be enough. If either of the 3 '.DLL'-files is not present, 'SchedABA.exe' will say so, as you try to run it.

Remark: The Personal Address Book (or PAB) used by Outlook, has the exact same format as the PAB from the old Windows Inbox.

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Can I move addresses from Schedule+'s 'Contacts'-list into Exchange's address book?

Yes, but only if you have Word 7.0 (WIN95) or Word97. Download Graham Smith's WordBasic macros which will do the job.

As described in this MS KnowledgeBase article, Schedule+ itself has only limited capabilities at this point. However, it is quite easy to do an export to a 'Comma Separated Value'- or '.CSV'-file:

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Can I make Schedule and Exchange and Word use the same address book? When is Microsoft going to fix all this multiple address book nonsense?

Outlook97, released in 1997, as part of Office97 (and all later versions of OL in more recent MS Office's) integrate(s) the address books by the tricky technique of simply integrating the programs themselves.

Otherwise, there is a third party product called the Thinkage Schedule+ Address Book Provider which will allow Exchange/Windows Messaging to access the Schedule+ 'Contacts'-list. It comes from Keith Dorken ( and is available at for download from the web.
Note: as of this writing, I've not installed or used this product, though I do know that it is a shareware program, and to get full 'usage' you'll need to send him $15.

Also, you can get Word to use the 'Contacts'-list from Schedule+ directly, using an undocumented procedure that is automatically installed in some cases, but not in others. You need the file 'SCHDMAPI.DLL' which is located in the '\WinWord'-directory of the MS Office 95 CD-ROM. Copy this into your 'WinWord'-directory, then fire up Schedule+ and Word and you should see your Schedule+ 'Contacts' as an option to get addresses from in Envelopes and Labels.

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Where can I put an e-mail or web address in the 'Contacts'-list?

Most people put e-mail addresses in the User1 field. You can put the web address in another User field or the Notes.
These fields are really all for you to use as you like.

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